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Hip And Happening - Top Tips For Exercising Your Hips The Right Way

Hip exercises definitely help reduce weight to certain limit but contrary to the myth and the tall claims made by info-commercials, spot reduction of fat is not possible. junk foods has been found to be uniform all over the body although accumulation has been found in the mid body first. While exercises such as hip strengthening exercises, hip slimming exercises are found useful in rehabilitation programs they are also applicable in weight management. Hip reducing exercises are important for those who (predominantly in women) have wider pelvis that also accommodates more fat.

Hip Reducing Exercises

There is a wide range of hip slimming exercises varying according to their utilities (benefits) and applicability. We take a look at some of those here.

1. Side Lunge Slide

This hip toning exercise works on the gluteus mediums muscle. You can’t do this exercise on a carpet. Smooth floor is better. Stand with feet stretched apart to hip width with one foot on a paper plate. Slide your foot, which is on the paper plate, away sidewise while keeping torso and abs upright. You will need to bend the other knee. Hold it there for a while and get the foot back sliding to original position. Repeat the same for the next foot and then the cycle for 8-10 times. You can rest your hands on your torso.

2. Front one legged squat

Stand on a step to begin with. Lift your left leg out forward and slowly begin to squat till the toe of the left foot touches the floor. Touch the floor lightly while keeping the right knee in line with your toes. Now stand up slowly and repeat it 8-10 times. Change legs and repeat for 4-5 sets again.

3. Chair squat

Stand in front of a chair with your feet spread to hip width, hold torso straight and abs tight. Slowly bend your knees without spreading until you are almost sitting on the chair. Hold knees behind toes and for balance you can stretch arms forward. Hold there for about 2-3 seconds and then stand up slowly. Repeat for 14-15 times and of 2-3 sets.

4. Bullfrog

Bull frog is another of the hip strengthening exercises that also works on thighs. This is not recommended for those of you with joint pains and arthritis. Stand up with feet spread to hip width. Then squat till hips are in the lowest position. Hold there for not more than a second and then in one swift move leap up like a frog does. Repeat this 8-10 times but not on a hard floor to avoid injury. This exercise is also called as squat thrust.

While above explained hip workouts are more advisable for those wanting to reduce fat, there are exercises specially formulated for sprinters and athletes for strengthening their hips.

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