Aerobic Exercise Program

The main key to aerobic workout focuses on main three factors that are: Frequency

As the word Frequency, here means how frequent or how often you will be working out. This could be 2 days in a week to 7 days in a week. It depends on personal goal, objective and lifestyle.


As the word suggest it means how long or amount of time you will be working out, all people have a different workout schedule depending on their specific requirements, the duration may vary from 15mins to 60 mins.

Intensity as the word states the target heart rate that you can follow while working out. Target heart rate is close to your maximum heart rate it improves your speed of working out as well as regulates your cardiovascular activity.

Calculating your target heart rate is simple all you need to do is subtract your age from 220, then multiply this number by 0.60 for the lower side of your target heart rate and by 0.90 for the higher rate.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Program

Fitness is not the only benefit that you will get from the types of aerobic exercise you work out or with or perform. Apart from its benefits, there are other uses of aerobic exercise program such as:

  • Improves cardiovascular activity
  • Increases your stamina and increases fitness level
  • Acts as distressing tool and releases tension and anxiety
  • Reduces Depression
  • Improves sleeping
  • Raises the level of HDL (Good) Cholesterol
  • Burns calorie faster and reduces fat
  • Reduces the risk of cancer of colon, breast, uterus

Disadvantages of Aerobic Workout

Aerobic workouts require stamina; people who are used to very sedentary lifestyle may find some discomfort in the beginning. Pain in joint, muscles may occur when initially the person starts working out. It takes some time to adjust to various speed and duration and the pain goes off after regular practice.

It is important to avoid over working out as it may lead to injury and tear of muscles or back pain. Balancing is the key factor to get the benefit of best aerobic exercise.