Are Muscle Building Steroids Beneficial?

Tests have shown that anabolic steroids do indeed help bulk muscles up but in an unnatural way. As the natural processes of the body are sped up and huge amounts of male hormones are brought into the body whether by using pills or injections. The body will grow more muscle but will at the same time get very confused. Women taking anabolic steroids have grown beards and the hormones can cause aggression and other problems.

More and more kids in their teens take steroids nowadays, Especially swimmers and body builders tend do inject themselves with steroids and the anabolic steroids effects in teens can cause boys to develop feminine traits (such as breast growth) and girls can develop beards.

Side Effects of Muscle Building Steroids

There is a long list of side effects when taking anabolic steroids and the more common effects are:

1. Unnatural lack of growth in teens because the bones mature too fast.

2. Irreversible liver damage.

3. The heart muscles can grow bigger, causing possible heart failure and murmurs.

4. Sudden violent mood swings.

5. Increased risk of heart disease and increased cholesterol levels.

6. Breast growth in males.

7. Irreversible stretch marks on the skin caused by the speedy growth of muscle tissue.

8. Dizziness due to a raised blood pressure caused by anabolic steroids in the bloodstream.

9. Premature balding in men.

10. Jaundice; a yellow pigmentation of skin tissue caused by too high a dose of male hormones in the blood stream.

There are obviously many side effects to the use of anabolic steroids so think twice before you are tempted to buy anabolic steroids. The side effects of anabolic steroids may seem fairly harmless at first sight, but some side effects such as heart problems may only surface later on in life.