Benefits of Water Aerobics

Going by the definition of aqua aerobics, a participant can greatly benefit from overall muscular development and cardiovascular improvement. Some more specific benefits of water aerobics are listed below

  • Since the water buoyancy supports your weight up to 80% (depending on how deep you are into water), the strain on the joints, back and torso are greatly reduced in comparison with land exercises.
  • You will see the quicker build-up of toned and endured muscle mass all round because of the additional efforts made against water resistance.
  • Joint pains don’t bother you much in water aerobics exercises. You can continue exercising without this anxiety. This helps in the long term to increasing flexibility.
  • Water aerobics is the only exercise that keeps you cool and comfortable. Throughout the workout, your body temperature remains constant.

Disadvantages of Water Aerobics

The main disadvantages of water sports are you cannot do it at home unless you have a pool. You may have to drive long distances at inconvenient times to access the pool. Pool memberships cost huge amounts in certain clubs. Some people have complained of irritations and infections after exercising which is mainly because of the chemicals used in pool water. Never forget to take a good shower after you get out of the pool.

Guidelines For Water Aerobics

Before taking up aqua aerobics as your preferred exercise, it is wise to consult your physician. Certain medications, past injuries may not be conducive for water aerobics. Instructions for water aerobics by a trained coach are necessary to know the basics to avoid possible injuries.

  • You can attend a water aerobics training workshop in your neighborhood area to get started.
  • Always exercise or swim in presence of someone, a guard or your trainer, may be. You never know when you face an emergency.
  • Diving or jumping where water is shallow could cause serious injuries. Know the depth of water beforehand and switch sides, if need be.
  • Using a sunscreen of, say, SPF 15 may help if you are exercising in an outdoor pool. It prevents you from sunburns and deep tanning.
  • Don’t purchase an expensive water aerobics equipment unless you absolutely need it. You can decide on buying one in due course.

With all the advantages to the credit of water aerobics, still, there is an enduring argument in expert circles about calorie burning ability of water aerobics. Some argue that due to buoyancy fewer calories are burnt. But the truth is, due to increased resistance under water, the additional effort you make sees you burn more calories. An estimate is one burns 400-500 calories in an hours time.