Best Hip Strengthening Exercises

Sports persons need a strong torso and hips and the exercises the do are a bit different from the hip slimming exercises. Some of them are discussed here although there are quite different variants of each of these exercises.

Hip Abduction

This requires having multi-home gym. In the seated version, sit in the machine with your heels on the bars while holding the seat with hands. Pull on the lever to get the legs to the position. Move legs apart from each other by the abduction of the hip. There are two types here, inward and outward abductions depending on which way you are pushing the weights. In the second version, you will stand in front of the machine sidewise near the lower pulley. Grasp the ballet bar standing on one foot while allowing room for the other to be able to swing sideways completely. Swing away the far leg from the cable pulley with cable cuff attached to the far ankle. Slowly return and repeat this for 8-10 times for each leg.

Hip Adduction

This exercise is for inner thighs. This is done in a standing posture. Do it with keeping the hip straight and moving the thigh medially inwards towards the midline of the body. This is exercise works on gluteus maxims, the largest hip muscle, and inner thigh fibers. Ranks as best of hip strengthening exercises

Hip Flexion

Moving of thigh forward and up towards pelvis flexing the hip muscles. You can do it lying flat on the floor with cable cuffs attached to ankles or standing erect and lifting the lever up by the front of the thigh. Repeat this 15-20 times for each thigh.

Hip Extension

Position thighs lying face down on the large pad and lower leg under the padded bar for support. Hold some weight against the chest or behind the neck, if necessary. Bend forward by stretching hips until they are completely flexed. Rise up or extend hips until your torso is horizontal. Repeat 10-12 times in 2-3 sets.

Depending on your need you can choose the hip exercises. If your purpose is shaping up and toning, your natural choice would be hip slimming exercises, hip reducing exercises and the like. If you are an athlete and you need hip strengthening exercises such as hip abduction exercises and hip flexion may be necessary. A detailed consultation with your doctor and trainer is recommendable.