Different Types of Electronic Muscle Stimulator Appliances

The following are some of the different types of EMS appliances

Electronic Muscle Stimulation

This device uses low volt stimulation targeted to stimulate motor nerves to cause a muscle contraction. This method of contracting and relaxing muscles has been used to effectively treat musculoskeletal and vascular conditions.


Is another type of EMS device but differs from EMS as this device can be used to stimulate sensory nerve endings to help decrease pain. TENS helps to block pain signals and stimulates endorphin production to help reduce pain. The TENS system is usually not for sale in regular electronics shops and is mostly used for the following medical problems:

1. Prevent or retard disuse atrophy

2. Strengthening the nerves certain muscle groups

3. Reducing muscle spasm and muscle pains.

Russian Muscle Stimulation

Russian Muscle Stimulation is a type of EMS designed to stimulate nerves. It uses stronger electric currents resulting in deeper muscle penetration with a complex and sometimes painful contraction of muscles and nerves. This type of EMS should only be used by professionals such as a physiotherapist or a doctor.

Benefits of EMS

EMS can do a lot of good if used in combination with exercise. If you want easy 6 pack abs, start exercising and using the EMS device simultaneously. Benefits of EMS can be:

1. Nerves and muscles recover quicker from exercise if you use an EMS device after sporting.

2. Muscle growth, strength, and endurance are improved if EMS is used before or after exercise such as weight lifting.

3. EMS can help to stimulate muscle tissue that might not be used or reached by exercising.

Precautions Before Using EMS

1. Do not use EMS devices when pregnant.

2. Heart patients should not use EMS devices to avoid interference.

3. People with epilepsy should not use these devices unless prescribed by a doctor.

4. Children must not use these devices unless recommended by a doctor.

5. Women must not place the device on their body when menstruating, the device will cause cramps.

It appears that there is no such thing as free six pack abs, exercise will always be necessary to get your body (back) into good shape. An electronic muscle stimulator can, however, help you tone the body and can possibly minimize muscle damage after exercising.