Fitness Videos – Are They Really Worth The Buy?

Fitness home videos are storming the market of late as a substitute for fitness programs. Also available for circulation are free to exercise videos. While these are being touted as substituting a physical trainer or a coach, one needs to examine whether one really can substitute a trainer even with best fitness videos that are available.

Exercise Videos

You cannot deny the fact that free exercise videos help save time for busy people and those who do not belong to gyms. Using best fitness videos you don’t just save time but in addition, you can exercise in the comfort of your home and at a convenient time of your choice. Popular videos produced by experts like Joseph Pilates, a German National, now available as Pilates fitness videos and Mirabai Holland trains even the novices. Additionally, videos are available for advanced exercises also. But experts are of the opinion that videos can’t match and replace a trained and certified physical trainer especially with regards to injury prevention techniques.

Tips To Buy Best Exercise Videos

Buying best exercise videos can be cumbersome if you are a novice. The best fitness videos are marked as whether they are for beginners or for intermediates and advanced. If you have continuously exercised for at least three months, you are an intermediate and so on. So, this is the first step in buying a video for you. Here are some tips to buying fitness home videos.

Determine Whom The Video Is For

Before you pay for fitness, video decides whether you are going to buy it for yourself or someone else. There are specialty exercises for each age group apart from generalized ones. If it is for your children that you are buying, ask for choices in kids fitness videos.

Decide How Much Time You Can Dedicate

If you are a busy person, obviously a 90 minutes video will not be for you. Look at the total run time of the video before buying. Most of these divide the run time between the introduction, warm up time, then the workout time and cool down time. It is, however, a different matter that you can play only that portion of the video, which is necessary for you. The best option for you, in this case, is to look for time saver series discounted fitness videos.

Decide What You Want To Attain As you know, best fitness videos are available for various accomplishments. For example, there are videos available for yoga, kickboxing and cardiovascular exercises and hundreds of different genres. Then, there are videos, which combine the best elements of all but in a brief manner and focusing on a specialty workout. Mind you, choosing the one that combines different workouts gives you the advantage of different workouts for the price of one. Browse the catalog of videos to choose the one (or two) that fits your schedule and needs.

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