Great fitness tips

great fitness tips

In today’s world, where everyone is too busy to even look after themselves properly, it is important for us to have some hand fitness tip in our hand so that we can actually implement in them in our life to have some gains so that we can always be fresh and energetic while doing our daily chores. It is important for every one of us to understand how important it is these days to keep the body fit. Every day we come across people who are suffering from diverse types of pains in their life because of which they have to take different types of medicines or have to consult a physiotherapist. All these problems also cause a hindrance in our day to day life as it gets harder for one to work properly and work at their very best. If some few tips that one can very easily adapt into their lives can help them in avoiding all these, then it should be done from the very next day onwards to avoid any complications in the near future.

Some of the very common, yet effective fitness tips that are used by fitness freaks and health enthusiasts all over the world so that they can maintain a good physique are: –

  • Have a healthy and nutritious diet

It doesn’t matter how expensive your car or bike is, it won’t run unless you have fuel in it. Same is the case with your body. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise and try to maintain a good physique, but it won’t be any good if you don’t eat the food that will compliment it. One needs to make sure that they eat sufficient food which will help them live a healthy life. But it shouldn’t be any food. You can’t eat junk food all day long and then expect yourself to be healthy; your food needs to be filled with nutrients and other components like proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and much more.

Food items like meat and fish are a rich source of protein which can help in building your muscles while potatoes have a rich amount of starch in it which is a form of carbohydrate. Beet juice is known to improve the stamina of the body by a significant amount which can allow you to work at your optimum level for an increased period of time. But it should always be kept in mind that your goal should be overall development. You can’t just have a load of meat and do exercise and expect to get muscular. Excess or deficiency of anything in the body can cause complications. Try to maintain a balance of all the things in your body for the best results.

  • Never skip a meal; plan in advance

Like everything else, one needs to plan in advance about their food as well. It is not always possible that you will be making a fresh meal for yourself. So, to tackle this problem, make sure that you have prepared your meal in advance so that when the time comes to eat your meal, you don’t have to worry about preparing it. It has been often seen that people tend to go lazy when it comes to preparing the meal when they want to eat something and either they end up eating from outside or skip the meal altogether. Eating junk food sometimes is okay, but having that as a habit can cause lots of problems in the future. And coming to skipping meals, most of the experts have concluded that skipping meals doesn’t help with weight reduction, instead helps in gaining more weight, that’s why they advise that apart from making sure that you are having your 3 meals of the day on time every day, have two more mini meals in between so that the metabolism of their body is stimulated. One can decide on the quantity of these meals on the extent how much work do they have to do.

  • Don’t rush into things, learn how the muscles building work and understand the importance of having a rest

It has been often seen that some people who are joining the gym or are working on their own to build their physique often rush into things like weightlifting that they have seen on the internet or in movies but have no idea what is the mechanism behind it. It is very important to understand that before exerting any physical pressure on your body, you have to prepare your body accordingly. Make sure that your body has sufficient calorific and protein intake so that it has the capability to get bigger due to muscle tissue development. And when you enter the gym, make sure to give importance to all the parts of your body so that your overall form develops. Most importantly, have enough rest. You must remember that muscles don’t develop when you work out, they develop when you take rest and is giving your body enough time to recover from the burnout of the workout.

  • Don’t overexert your body

Try to take things slowly at the start and go higher gradually. Doing an exercise or lifting weight of which you are tired only after 20 seconds is an indication that it was too heavy for you. Examine your own body and decide which weight will be best suited for you to get started. Usually, the one which will take about 40 seconds to wear down is the best suited.

  • Heart rate monitoring

It is important to know what effect the exercises that you are doing are having on your body. So, this might be the right time for you to get one device that will measure your heartbeat rate so that you can figure out if you are doing all the things with the required intensity or if you need to do more.

  • Keeping yourself hydrated

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated because one loses a lot of water in the form of sweating. And added to do that, water is one of the major forms how the body gets most of its nutrients, proteins, vitamins and other supplements from, in their original and untampered form. One can take different energy drinks to keep themselves energetic. Most of the trainers suggest that one should drink ice cold water every morning they wake as it helps in boosting your metabolism by a significant rate for some hours. Drinking water is also a must according to the doctors as well and they prescribe that one should drink at least 1 gallon of water every day.


  • Do household chores like shoveling the ice out of the driveway

One can get enough of the exercise at home as well if they do half of the work themselves and by adding a few twists of their own in between as well. For example, people always hire agencies or individuals to remove the ice in front of their house or the driveway. They can themselves see that the guys who come to do this have a pretty ripped up body because shoveling is a very good exercise that one can do. The person can shovel the ice on their own and have some 30-40 seconds break after each cycle of shoveling. This will help in getting yourself trained as well as heating your body in the cold weather.


  • Focus on the things where you are weak in

You are good as long as your weakest part holds up. Which makes it important for you to focus on the weak link of your body. If you have weak legs, do exercises that will build up the muscles in your leg so that they can hold up your upper body weight more easily. This is important because there is no point in working on the things that are already improved than the others. You should instead focus on those parts that are not as good as the others, and try to take them on the same level so that you can start your actual training afterward. Always keep in mind that you can focus on increasing your stamina or strength which are some aspects of your physical well being, but when it comes to the whole body, you must ensure that your whole body is on the same level. Focus on your body as a whole and not on its part, It may take more time and effort, but the end results are far better than the alternative.


  • Stretch after the workout session, not before it

It is advised by the experts that one should stretch their bodies after they are done working out and not before as is practiced by most of the people stretching means you are pulling your muscles so that it helps you in doing your exercise. By doing this, you may actually stretch your muscles a bit too much which may cause a sprain or a muscle tear as well. One can always warm themselves up by starting slow with their actual exercise and then speed up to their limit gradually. Stretching after the work out works better as your body is already heated up and the muscles have loosened up a bit as well.


  • Listen to music

You must have noticed that how music lifts up your mood when you are feeling down or must have found yourself tapping to the beats of a catchy song. One can further extend this idea to training as well. Make a playlist of the songs that you like and always pump you, motivate you and listen to them while training and you will find yourself brimming with energy and doing the extra bit that was beyond your reach some days back. That’s why you can notice many people on the road in the early morning running, jogging or cycling while having earphones in their ear. It is because of the same Music greatly stimulates your emotions and hormones because of which you will find yourself more motivated than before. So, the next time you run an extra mile or have done a few more reps while listening to a song, you can very well know that it is the adrenaline running in your veins that because of the music that made you do that.


  • Have a training partner

Having a partner to train with makes it much more fun and easier to train around. You both can help each other out with some of the complex training techniques and can even compete on some occasions. In addition to that, there may be some days on which you are too lazy to go to the gym and may think of skipping a day or two. In those cases, your partner can motivate you to go to the gym with them and you can do the same with them as well.


  • Relax in a heated environment or room like a sauna or a hot tub

It has been found out that there are traces of proteins in our body that get released when it is exposed to heat. It is a common knowledge that the proteins play a very important role in muscle building and if some of them are getting activated while being subjected to moderate heat, there is no harm in doing that. Similar experiments were performed on rats and it was seen that the cats who were exposed to a heat chamber had more muscle gain than those who weren’t.

While doing all of the above-mentioned things, it is very much important to keep yourself motivated. Everyone plans to do gym, go jogging, eat healthily, maintain a good physique, but it is good for only a week or two. You can’t do anything if you aren’t motivated. Set a goal for yourself and be pretty much serious about it. Nothing holds good if you aren’t passionate or serious about it and that comes from being motivated only. Motivate yourself to prove others wrong, motivate yourself towards becoming the best of yourself. Realize your full potential and you will understand that there is nothing that you cannot do.