Guidelines For Jogging (how to start jogging)

Yes, there are disadvantages associated with jogging too. The impact factor is likely to cause joint problems. Another one, although some people don’t consider this a disadvantage, is the sense of loss you feel through the day when you miss jogging for a day.

A garden or a joggers track is the best place to start jogging. If you cant avoid roads, jog facing the traffic. Best time is early in the morning at around 6 AM.

  • Begin jogging by some stretching and swinging your arms. This relaxes your muscles and prepares your body for jogging.
  • Experts opine that landing on the heel is good for balance and as you proceed to the next step, push from the toes.
  • Swing your arms in matching strides to your jogging trots with the forearms lifted to make 900 out of elbows. Don’t clinch your fists.
  • Avoid hunching as you jog. Holding chest thrust forward is a good posture. It keeps lungs expanded.
  • Don’t alter your speed of jogging within the session. Sudden variation of speeds will have an adverse effect on your heart beats too. Increase speeds in gradual steps like ½ to 1 one mile after a week.
  • Carry cold water with you to quench thirst while jogging.
  • If you are using jogging equipment like treadmill, keep it near an open window where there is a cool and mild breeze.
  • To get full benefits of jogging always end with 5-10 minutes of totally relaxed posture. Lie down on a flat, clean surface like carpet, with limbs slightly stretched apart. Relax by taking deep and slow breaths. This helps upward blood circulation after a good jogging session.

Sharing jogging tips with someone is gratifying after you have experienced it. Let the spirit of life spread.