Jogging It Is Not Only Easy But Also Effective

Jogging, the term is not aptly defined, unlike other activities or exercises. However, one can say jogging is running at brisk, trotting pace as a form of exercise for burning calories and cardiopulmonary well-being. We will the discuss benefits of jogging that you can avail and jogging tips with a section on how to start jogging and including jogging gear.

What Is Jogging? Does It Help In Burning Calories?

Jogging is running as a form of exercise that invigorates growth, burning of calories and cardiovascular fitness by the high impact on places such as heels and knee joints. Jogging helps burn calories. As per American Council on Exercise, ACE, estimated that a person of 160 pounds weight can burn away 12-13 calories by jogging at about six miles an hour speed. However, the rate of calories burning varies with each individual’s weight. There are some interesting statistics that tell us jogging at 5 miles per hr into 15 mph wind increases burning of calorie by 15% as opposed to 5% when you are jogging in opposite direction.

A Brief on Jogging Gears

The most important of all is a pair of jogging shoes. The modern biomechanical wonders, jogging shoes, absorb impact shocks reducing the risk of injury. The shoes must have good cushioning soles with all round protection, especially to ankles. You must avoid wearing thin shoes and socks to avoid injuries and blisters. Initially, when you begin, you may not need jogging pants but can think of buying after weeks of practice. When it is time to buy jogging pants, jogging shoes, and jogging equipment, you can consult your mates. Always buy reputed brands. Although high-priced, they payback over time.

Benefits of Jogging

Jogging burns more calories than walking as you consume more oxygen per mile you run than walking in addition to the impact factor. Circulation increases briefly as does the heart beat. Once you get seasoned enough, you begin to see benefits of jogging. You won’t find sudden thumping of your heart which gets increased and vital oxygen. Jogging tones muscles too. Perhaps it is the best exercise for overweight people. Because of the impact, they can burn more calories from hips, thighs and abdominal area. Rotating the torso as you run gives a smoother stride in addition to strengthening waist muscle.

Top Jogging Tips

Get jogging tips from friends or a coach before getting started. Here are some simple tips on jogging.

1. Consulting your physician is important if you are overweight before getting started with jogging.

2. Give up smoking which, in any case, is detrimental to cardiovascular fitness. Smokers get exhausted fast could lead to palpitations.

3. Get a good pair of jogging shoes.

4. Avoid jogging on hilly terrain to prevent injury. Running downhill, you can tumble down injuring yourself.

5. Take longer and steady strides. Land your steps straight without playing to prevent ankle injury.

6. Avoid bouncing too much and keep yourself erect. Don’t hunch over.

7. Choose a pristine place to jog.

8. Begin slowly and increase speed as you get used to jogging. As a thumb rule, you can step up speed by 10-12 meters a week.

9. Carry a walkman along. Music helps relax the mind.

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