Other Types of Exercise Bikes

The other types of exercise bikes available in the market are: Elliptical Cross Trainer combined with Exercise Bike

The prices of the exercise bike may vary from $99 to $1900 depending on the features and brand it belongs to. Elliptical bikes are low in cost with minimum features and recumbent bikes top the list of high price exercise bikes.

All the bikes so mentioned above along with the features stated are priced high. Though these days various options are available, that can provide you with your requirements and suit your pocket too without pinching hard.

There are options available that can reduce your cost by 50-75%.At times the requirement of the equipment is urgent and cost too high to meet then it is better to opt for used exercise bikes, reconditioned exercise bikes, refurbished exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes or discount exercise bikes.

You can recondition old bikes. The seats or belts and handrails can be replaced by adding some magnetic resistance can also give you the feel of the new bike. Sale or stock clearance of various sports shops, online purchasing can give you excellent offer and bargain. Discounted bikes are non-used and hence you have the feel of new equipment at a great price.


All workouts need precautions as they are working directly on your muscles and body, precautions to keep in mind while working on exercise bikes are:

  • Comfort is the key for any workout, be comfortable in your shoes and dress.
  • Sit in the correct position if the bike does not have a back support
  • Check the peddles and see that they fit in properly when you insert your shoes
  • Resistance and workout level should be discussed with the trainer
  • Always check for your heart rate and be sure that the heart rate displayed is correct
  • Listen to your body and never overdo as it may hurt your back and leg muscles
  • Adjust the level of the seat and peddle to fit in your physical stature.