Pilates Exercise – Using Your Mind To Control Your Muscles

Are you subjected to ridicule because of your posture? Who knows you may not be aware of the fact that you are a laughing stock. Here come the Pilate exercises for your help. They are very easy to workout with the exercise equipment.They may be instrumental in correcting the posture and strengthening the muscle.It also relieves breathing problems and back pain if you have. You can suggest this to anyone belonging to any age group. It combines both physical exercise and physical therapy.Bid goodbye to your back pain, spinal pain etc with Pilates exercises. The article throws the spotlight on the Pilate exercises and various Pilate equipment.Take a look at them.

This article covers

  • Who can take up Pilates exercise?
  • How do Pilates exercises work?
  • Equipment used in Pilates exercise
  • Types of Pilates exercise equipment

Origin of Pilates dates back to 1900s, a brief history of it depicts that it derived its name from Joseph Pilates. He developed this system to improve the health of interns of World War I. Later the benefits of it became popular and it was practiced at hospitals and rehabilitation centers to treat patients once the unique equipment for it was developed. Pilates is also said to be an acronym that stands for Proximal Integrating Latent Agile Toning Exercise System.

Free Pilates exercises are excellent to increase the strength of body and make you more flexible. They correct the body posture and strengthen your muscles. Pilates exercise equipment is available for an easy workout and it emphasizes on body alignment and focuses on breathing; it works great on abdomens and back pain.

Who Can Take Up Pilates Exercise?

Pilates could be termed as a specialized form of exercise for treating back pain or spinal pains. Pilates exercise moves can be practiced by any person at any age depending on their stamina, fitness level, and body requirement. A person without any back pain can also practice it as it makes the body flexible, supple and fit whereas a person with back problems can practice it to relieve oneself and reduce pain.

Age is not the main factor in Pilates, it is more important to have the right kind of practice to do it. It is a combination of physical exercise and physical therapy and hence it has dual benefits.

How Do Pilates Exercises Work?

The main purpose of any Pilates exercise moves is to make our muscle strong and improve our internal system by the cardiovascular activity. Here we can combine yoga and Pilates exercise, as they both are quite similar and effective. Pilates involves controlled breathing which improves the function of lungs, which in turn improves the functioning of heart and supply of oxygen, the body postures, and movements are in various exercise targets different body parts and stretch muscles.

Specific Breathing combined with body postures has been proved the most effective manner of exercising and Pilates does the same. It improves your breathing mannerism as well as relaxes and stretches your body.

Equipment Used In Pilates Exercise

Pilates Exercise Equipment help as an additional support for any exercise it helps to balance the body and makes working out simpler and easy to learn. Pilates are mostly done on Pilates exercise mat, Pilates Chair, Reformer or by Pilates ball exercises

The main equipment used for Pilates Exercise are:

Pilates Reformer

It is the most popular equipment to practice Pilates exercise, the main features of this equipment are:

  • Advance System of springs, straps, and pulleys
  • Gives maximum option of exercises possible using the above systems
  • It enables the ability of the upper body of a person with multi-position option
  • It is simple, relaxing and seems like effortless with the simplicity of its operation

The main points to be kept in mind while buying it are:

  • Material should be good and durable
  • The springs should be well adjusted
  • Foot bar should be firm and not slippery
  • Adjustment levels should be smooth to easily adjust to the body

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