Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Did you miss your last period which is associated with nausea and cramping body pains, congratulations, you might be pregnant. The very thought that you’re pregnant sure sends a chill down your spine, bringing in a renewed excitement to know that there is another person going to be added to your family tree. You might be encountering quite many questions about pregnancy. >helps you out by catering to your doubts and concerns associated with this wonderful phase of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs:

Although the symptoms differ from one woman to another, a delayed or missed menstrual cycle is the most significant pregnancy symptom. It is, however, important for a woman to understand the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, some of which can be felt within a week of conception.

Implantation Bleeding: Being one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms, it happens about 6-12 days after conception. A slight spotting may be observed, due to implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall Delayed Menstrual cycle: One of the most common symptoms is a missed period. Although some pregnant bleed throughout pregnancy, as long as the color is lighter than a normal period, it is safe enough.

Fatigue: Feeling fatigued or over tired is a pregnancy symptom which can start as early as the first week after conception Morning sickness: A sick feeling or nausea in the morning (give a link for reasons) Breast changes: Your breasts may start feeling full and tender, accompanied by prickling sensations and heaviness in breasts Smell/Taste aversions: A pregnant lady can also develop an aversion towards certain smells like her own lipstick of perfume or a boiling pot of rice. This is one of the most disgusting features since the mom-to-be spends the maximum amount of her time in making frequent visits to the rest room.