Select Your Home Gym Equipment

Once you have decided on the budget you can go for buying of the home gym equipment, home gym design is dependant on your home exercise routine. The best home gym should ideally contain a balance of cardio and muscle toning machines. For cardio work out you can try options like:

  • Smooth Treadmills or Home treadmill are foldable to save space
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Cross Trainer
  • Exercise Bikes

These machines have various fitness level and options, working on these machines for 45mins will be good enough to burn your calories and increase your heart rate. For muscle toning you can opt for:

  • Weight training helps you to tone muscles and they have a direct effect on them, keeping few weights at home is an excellent option to work on specific areas like biceps, triceps, torso and abs.
  • Fitness ball is the best option as multi-purpose workouts for the whole body especially your abs.
  • A multi-gym that comprises of Pectoral Fly Station, Seated row and Lateral pulleys, Chest press station, Leg Extensions and curls for various workouts

Advantages of Home Gym

A home gym is very effective among people who have time restrictions and want a flexible schedule, most importantly home gym gives you the flexibility to workout at your convenience, and you can workout any time when you are at home. Some people don’t like people around while they work out for them home gym gives 100% privacy to them. If you have had extra cheese pizza you can come and start working right away at home to burn those extra calories.

Disadvantages of Home Gym

With all benefits, it has its own drawbacks, Gym and fitness centers give you more options with equipment. We all feel bored if we follow the same schedule of working out every day, at home, we have restricted place and equipment that can be quite irritating at times. The gym at home could mean that you are relaxed with the thought of working out at ease, which leads to skipping exercise. The more we mix with people in the gym who work out we get inspired and motivated and we are more serious about working out, at home, we do not get the same competitive feeling.

Overall having a home gym is a good option; you can always workout to suit your requirement. You can also invite your family and friends to workout together. Best Home gyms depend on how well you can organize it and plan the equipment to achieve your target.