Successfully Quitting Smoking With the Help of Children

If you have ever attempted to quit Smoking before, then you understand just how difficult this seemingly simple task can be. One of the most inspiring reasons to successfully quit is in order to provide a good example for one’s children. As a parent, you obviously wouldn’t want your child to begin Smoking. Knowing the harm it can cause, you would give anything to protect your children both from second-hand smoke and from growing up with the idea that Smoking is acceptable. However, despite the nobility of the reason it does not actually make the task any easier. If you find yourself struggling in this situation, certain tactics can help you to succeed.


Talking about your struggle openly with your child is one way to motivate yourself to success. When a craving strikes, take your child and explain it to them.   Be sure that your child knows that you need him or her to be strong for you and to help you through this difficult time. This allows you to express your troubles as well as build an open and honest relationship with your child. It can also help to show the child the true struggle that occurs when you try to quit smoking, which may teach them never to start smoking in the first place. Another benefit of this action is that it opens the door to discuss the evils of other addictive substances with older children. Through showing your pain at trying to quit smoking, you can encourage your children to avoid cigarettes as well as drugs and alcohol.


Also, when a craving hits, rather than thinking incessantly about where you can get a cigarette, think about your child. Invite him to go to the store with you to help find a candy for both of you to share when a craving hits. Or if you are using a stop smoking aid such as nicotine gum, perhaps go to buy that with him and allow your child to pick out his own gum. This way your child will understand more clearly what you need to do when a craving hits and will be able to help guide you out of it.


Through this open and honest communication not only are you building a strong and symbiotic relationship with your child, but you are also teaching them a valuable lesson about addiction. If you hide these struggles from your children, they may never truly understand how hard it is to quit smoking until it is too late and they have to go through it themselves. However, you should still never smoke around your children. Second-hand smoke can cause irreparable damage, especially to young lungs. Love for your children should be all the motivation you need to not smoke around them.


Each family has its own vision of what level of openness is acceptable or comfortable, but using your children to provide the strength to quit smoking is a wonderful idea. if you are uncomfortable with the amount of openness, then you must, of course, adjust it to fit your personal preference. Another reason why children are wonderful at helping you quit is that they are already well practiced in the art of pointing out flaws and teasing. This acute and honest criticism may be all the motivation you need to never smoke again. After all, no one wishes to be teased by their children. Plus, once you successfully quit your children will be very proud of your accomplishment.