The 2 Most Successful Factors to Quit Smoking for Good

Deciding to quit smoking is an enormous commitment and great dedication is required in order to be successful. In fact, this dedication is often one of few factors that decide whether you will succeed or fail. If you find yourself beginning to falter, it is important to seek out all the help that is available to you. When considering all of the different aspects that can pertain to giving up smoking, there are only two that will decide your fate as a smoker. If you do not have these two aspects, you will most likely fail. However, with them, success is easily within your reach.


Having your own reasons to quit is the first deciding factor towards success. If you decided to quit smoking on a whim or due to someone else telling you to, the likelihood of your success is not very great. However, if you have a reason to quit that you firmly believe in, your resolve will be stronger for it. When cravings strike and the end seem light-years away, it will be these reasons that will give you the strength to resist cigarettes. Also, it will help if you have your own reasons when explaining yourself to friends and family.


While this may sound like a silly thing to be so important, making your own decision will make you exponentially more confident and determined to succeed. Those that quit smoking due to the wishes of others rarely quit for good, and within a few short months, they are back where they started. However, when people have firm reasons for quitting that they truly believe in they are much more likely to remain a permanent non-smoker.


Your approach will be the second deciding factor of your success. If you face the challenge of becoming smoke-free with confidence and strength, then you are likely to succeed. You must be able to look temptation in the eye and turn it down, and when there is no one around to help you fight a craving, you need to reach into that strength to resist. The inner strength and determination you possess will help you to quit smoking with less trouble than you at first anticipated.


On the contrary, if you approach the cessation of smoking with negativity then failure is almost certain. You will need to pull from your inner strength to resist cravings, and if you don’t believe you possess any it will be impossible to resist cigarettes. Giving up smoking is a very difficult task and sometimes it can take years so do not let yourself become discouraged. If you do, it is unlikely that you will be able to quit successfully.

Sooner or later in your quest to quit smoking the only thing that will decide whether you fail or succeed will be whether or not you truly believe in your ability to quit. As time passes and you still haven’t successfully weaned yourself off smoking you may become discouraged. However, if you are to succeed you need to retain faith in yourself. Do not let fear keep you from success, for it is fear that will tell you that you can’t succeed. You can succeed, but you need to believe it for it to be true. Though family and friends will have your back and offer encouragement, when it comes down to it is only you that matters. If you don’t believe that you can succeed then you will fail, but if you do believe in yourself then the only thing between you and success is time.