The Benefits of Swiss Exercise Balls

People with back problems and pain can benefit greatly from these exercise balls, as it enables them to exercise but the ball will offer stability and supports the back during exercise. Swiss exercise balls were developed to help people with back problems train their back muscles to avoid back aches and pains. Other benefits are:

1. Stability ball exercises offer just that; stability. Injuries and muscle pains during exercise can be reduced when a ball is used properly during the routine.

2. Improved muscle strength due to a wide range of possible exercises that you can do with stability ball workouts.

3. Great flexibility is reached if you do your exercises every (other) day. As with any type of exercise doing it regularly is the key to success.

Precautions While Using Exercise Balls

First of all, people suffering from severe back problems and constant back pains should not attempt exercising with an exercise ball unless a physiotherapist or doctor recommended it. Ask for advice on exercises before you start.

Other precautions are:

1. People suffering from dizziness or blood pressure changes should avoid gym ball exercises to avoid accidents.

2. Use the physio balls on a soft floor, if you roll the ball you won’t break anything if the floor is soft.

3. Progress gradually. Even if the exercises are easy, take your time to explore your possibilities with an exercise ball and don’t try to do it all at once.

4. Warm up your muscles before exercising and do not exercise in a cold room.

5. Perform exercises in a controlled manner and speed to reduce the chance of muscle pain and muscle damage.

Consult A Physician Before You Start

Especially if you happen to suffer from back problems or if you have suffered from injuries recently, you must consult a physician before you start exercising regularly to get advice on the exercises that you should and should not do. Stability ball exercises can be adjusted for people with specific back problems and can benefit from exercising regularly. Physioball exercises can be found on the internet or in books but must be reviewed by a doctor if you have back problems to avoid doing more damage