Tips for starting your own fitness center?

Question by FitnessQueen3: Tips for starting your own fitness center?
I am a personal trainer and I’ve always wanted to own a fitness center. Any tips on how to get started and how to be successful?

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Answer by Yarcofin
You’re a third of the way there. You are an expert in fitness and you can be a personal trainer in your center if you want to.

The next things you would want to do are obviously save up the money or get a loan to buy/rent yourself a building. Then you are going to have to buy all the exercise equipment to fill it up. These will be your two biggest costs in setting up your own fitness center.

Depending on how busy things get, you are going to need to hire some help. At first, you should be fine doing it on your own, though.

Finally, you are going to want to advertise, advertise, advertise. Get as many people to know about your gym as possible. Let them know why they should come to you instead of the YMCA or other places that offer the same services, etc. You need to brand yourself with something unique or special that you offer to give people an incentive. Whether you offer lower monthly fees than other places in your area, free personal fitness help, and advice, or whatever it takes to make people think you are better than your competition.

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