Top Exercises To Burn Calories

Here are some of the best types of exercise to burn calories.

  • Aerobics is one of the losses of weight exercises. Calories burned during aerobics can vary, depending on the impact of the aerobics. However, it is usually between 295 and 604 an hour.
  • Bicycling is another exercise where a number of calories burned depend on the intensity and type of bicycling the person is doing. A number of calories burned can vary from 236 to 1380 an hour.
  • Dancing is a good fun calorie-burning exercise. It can burn between 177 and 388 calories an hour.
  • Jogging may burn 604 calories an hour. Running can burn as much as 1550 an hour. However, it is difficult to keep up the speed needed to achieve this level of calorie-burning for an entire hour.
  • A game of basketball or handball can burn over 1000 calories an hour.
  • Calories burned during swimming can be anywhere between 236 and 949 an hour, depending on the type of swimming being done.
  • A game of tennis can burn around 690 calories an hour.
  • Calories burned walking can vary between 148 calories an hour to 690 calories an hour. Walking upstairs will burn the most amount of calories.
  • Self-defense activities, like judo, karate, kick-boxing and the Kwan do, can burn around 863 calories an hour.

Other Methods of Burning Calories

Burning calories is a part of everyday life. Every single activity we do burn calories in some way. By spending more time, in our daily activities, doing those activities that burn a lot of calories, we can burn off calories without even exercising. Here are some calorie-burning tasks.

  • Fixing a car can burn 259 calories an hour.
  • Taking care of a child can burn 302 calories an hour.
  • Housework can burn anywhere from between 148 and 388 calories an hour.
  • Cooking can burn 216 calories an hour.
  • Gardening can burn 431 calories an hour.
  • Playing a musical instrument can burn up to 259 calories an hour.

Tips for Burning Calories

Here are some tips for burning calories:

  • Do some strength training as it will help your body burn calories more easily.
  • During your daily schedule, try to burn as many calories as possible during normal activities.
  • Don’t just pick an exercise that burns the most calories. Pick a calorie-burning exercise that you enjoy.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, you need to burn off more calories than what you eat. Pay attention to your diet and limit your calorie-intake.

Calories are burned all the time, but the calories burned during exercise are what will give us the greatest assistance in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. The more intense and active an activity is, the more calories will be burned. Do some form of active exercise every day, and spend some time in strength training, and burning calories is easy.