Top Ten Exercises To Strength Your Abs

for you to pick.These exercises can low cholesterol diets both in the lower abs and upper abs area. They also prove to be a good source of entertainment. Intriguing? Catch up with these exercises from the article.

Are trendy clothes your dream? But your abs has turned your dream into a nightmare? Don’t worry here is the solution.Overweight and poor lifestyle could have lead to fat deposits in the abs area. You can fight this easily with the help of exercises.There is a range of abs exercises

This article covers

  • Why should you reduce fat deposits in the abs area?
  • The top ten best abs exercises
  • Vertical leg crunch

make your system more strong and provide more strength to your muscles at the back and abs. The back and the front muscles are the core area that provides support to your body and keeps it upright.

Back injuries, spinal problems are few common problems along with fat deposits in the abs area.

We all try our best to reduce the fat in abs that look quite ugly, with trendy clothes enhancing slim waist coming as a range it has become doubly important to take care of these areas and follow a regular ab workout regime.

Being one of the most sought after area for workouts ab workout can be too tiring, losing fat around abs is not easy, more so post natal, injury, and overweight or sedentary lifestyle aggravates the problem.

Exercise is the key to making your abs look great, as for any other exercise it is very important to be regular, working on the abs and exercises should be performed religiously for effects.

Before proceeding with the exercises that have a great effect on abs it is very important to consult a doctor and a physical trainer. You should provide your medical history to the person especially if you have any surgery or severe illness.

Working on abs in tough hence it is advisable to start with small repetitions and slowly one should increase the frequency, duration, and resistance.

The top ten best ab exercises can be divided into options lower ab exercises and upper ab exercises, though all ab exercises work on both the areas they are listed below:

Bicycle ab Exercise 

One of the most effective and best ab exercises for abdominal muscles, they make the area strong and burn the fat, To perform the bicycle ab exercise first lie flat on the floor with the lower back on the ground, put your hand on the back of your head, this is just to give little support, lift your head from the ground approximately 45 degrees angle, now make a pedal motion from your legs and try to touch the right elbow to left knee and vice versa, the breathing should be normal, do a repetition 15-20 up to 3 sets. This exercise works for both lower and upper abs, to do the exercise you have to be little cautious and should not do it fast.

Exercise Ball Crunch

Ball acts as a good balancing equipment to do ball crunches lie flat on the floor with your lower back on the floor. Keep your hands at the back of your head and raise your legs and rest your leg on the ball, now slowly raise your head at the angle of 45-degree hold for a second and then move it back again keeping the legs firm on the ball. Do a repetition of 15-20 up to 3 sets. This works on your upper abs and is very effective if practiced regularly.

You can also sit on the ball and then roll your body back till the legs and hands are parallel this is an excellent form but takes some time to keep the balance.

It is more effective than the previous position.

Captain’s Chair Exercise

As the name suggests it has padded parallel bars and the person rests his hand on the bars which is elevated, legs here are free for movement and are curled while performing the movement, the weight is concentrated on the upper body.
The posture of the exercise is very important to get effective result. It is the most common incorrectly performed exercise and hence requires a trainer to guide through the body movements.

Torso Track Exercises 

Stop on the ground in front of the Torso Track. Hold the handles in each hand. Contract your abdominal muscles and pull your belly towards your spine. Breathe out as you gradually move smoothly forward to a stretched out position. Gradually contract your abdominal muscles and draw your body back toward your knees as you inhale.

This exercise needs proper positioning and performance as it can lead to back pain if not performed appropriately.

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