Upper Back Pain Exercises

Many of the back pain exercises suggested by people are lower back pain exercises. That is they work on relieving pain in the lower back, as this is where many people have a back pain problem. However, pain can also occur in the upper back, particularly through bad posture, sitting in front of a keyboard or associated neck problems. Some good upper back exercises include:

  • Exercises your neck by rolling it forward and from side to side.
  • Move your shoulder back as far as they can go.
  • Stretch out your arms to the side and tilt your hand backward. This will help if your upper back pain is related to neck pain.

When doing upper back exercises, posture is very important. It is pointless doing exercises if you are slouching at the same time, causing more problems for your back

Low Impact Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are very important as they improve the cardiovascular system and contribute to overall general health. People should participate in some form of aerobic activity at least three times a week.For those with back pain, finding the right aerobic activity can be difficult. Some good low impact aerobic activities for back pain sufferers include:

  • Cycling
  • Using an exercise bike
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics.

Back Pain Exercise Tips

Here are some tips for exercising when you have back pain.

  • Check with a physiotherapist first if you have severe back pain or if your back pain gets worse.
  • Follow any suggestions by your physiotherapist or doctor.
  • Find out which exercises are the best exercises for your particular back pain problem. Do lower back exercises for pain in the lower back, and upper back exercises for upper back pain.
  • Choose low-impact aerobic exercises.
  • Do some back stretching exercises and back strengthening exercises every day.
  • Stop exercising if you experience any pain.

Back pain exercises are not only good at treating back pain; they can also help prevent back pain. Most people with back pain will need to strengthen and stretch their back before they see any improvement in their condition. A physiotherapist will help you find the right upper or lower back exercises for your needs.