Water Aerobics Are You The Right Candidate?

Water aerobics is one of the most energy sapping exercises. You can define water aerobics as rhythmic dance or exercise steps performed in usually chest deep water. Water aerobics is performed either singly or in a team with or without water aerobics equipment such as water aerobics shoes. The purpose of this sport, as it may be called, is to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Because it is performed in water, the performer faces some of the great resistances to his or her movement. It is an exercise for all body parts like limbs, chest, abdomen, neck and back.

Who Can Participate In Water Aerobics?

Anyone, of any age, who is interested in water aerobics, can get started with it after suitable instructions for water aerobics from an experienced and qualified trainer. Water buoys up the submerged people to the extent of up to 80% of one’s body weight. This kind of supports the joints causing least strain unlike any exercise on ground. This arthritis water exercise encourages, obese and those who suffer neck and back aches to take up aerobics. Also, those of who are shy of exercising on land can shed inhibition and get started with water aerobics.

Equipment For Water Aerobics

The water aerobics equipment is in general, divided into basic and advanced categories.

  • Swimsuit Get you a swimsuit that provides you freedom of movement. Some people prefer dance suits and/or bikers short to the swimsuit.
  • Water aerobics shoes Water aerobics shoes, in addition to protecting you from minor injuries, provide you with some traction too.
  • Swimming goggles Certain routines for water aerobics like doing a few laps on a daily basis would be better with swimming goggles. Goggles protect your eyes from chemical and bacterial infection. Contacts or eyeglasses will suffice if you don’t plan to go underwater.
  • Swim caps, watches are a few others used in the water aerobics exercises.
  • Aqua blocks These help you increase water resistance whenever you press your arm. Aqua blocks resemble barbells made especially for water sports.
  • Water goggles are used when exercising in deep waters. They help in increasing resistance and floatation. They are cylindrical foam filled equipment
  • Kickboards support your body’s muscular development. Very popular
  • Floatation belts are necessary for deep water exercising. This frees up the lower body giving more flexibility and exercising more muscles.
  • The water aerobics equipment includes things of utility like gyro joggers, aqua steps, gloves etc.

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