Weight Training Complete Guide For Beginners

Don’t do weight training.Though you can sport a defined body with proper distribution of muscles, avoid weight training. Weight training may lead to change in the body shape and help you to lose weight. Still, don’t do weight training. But do weight training only after taking a look at the article. This article guides you on all the aspects of weight training. Besides highlighting the things that you should do before weight training, it also suggests exercises for a different muscle group. It enlightens you on the advanced weight training accessories available in the market. Learn patients experience from Zerona reviews as it’s used to remove an excess fat from the body.

This article covers

  • Why weight training?
  • Important considerations for weight training
  • Exercises for different muscle group
  • Advanced weight training accessories

If you want to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights. Weight training routines are all important when you are trying to loose weight by dieting as this type of exercise will help you turn fat into muscles. Diet and cardiovascular exercise have great benefits but there is always muscle loss when dieting. Bench press routines and other weight lifting exercises will keep you looking great.

What Should You Consider Before Weight Training?

Consulting an expert on the exercise of discussing your options with your doctor is a good idea if you are contemplating starting weight training exercises.

Getting started with weight training programs can be confusing, you have to decide what area of the body you would like to work on, how you want it improved and how much time could you spend on exercise. Your exercise routine should be based on your goals and the equipment that you have available to work with. There are other things to consider before starting a regular weight training routine:

Do Not Overdo It

Women especially should not overdo exercises such as squats, as during these exercises a lot of weight and tension is placed on the knees, causing possible damage. Squats should be kept to a minimum for women

Set Realistic Goals

Overdoing your exercise routine and starting off by doing 3 hours a day will not work. Try to exercise for a short amount of time (20-30 minutes per day) and gradually build that up to about an hour a day, or even half an hour is fine really unless you want to become a professional.

Stick To Your Routine

Keep to your routine and if possible try to exercise together with someone else as it is easier to motivate yourself with someone else around to train with you.


Weight training equipment can be found in any sports center. Do not invest a lot of money in equipment right away, see if you enjoy doing the exercises before you spend money on your routines. Good quality equipment is expensive so consider sharing the cost with a training partner.

Exercises For Specific Muscle Groups

There are different exercises with weights for specific muscle groups such as the arms, stomach, chest and so on. Some of the most common exercises that should be added to basic weight training programs are:

1. Bench Press

Sit down on the exercise bench with the dumbbells (one in each hand) resting on the lower thighs. Kick the weights to shoulder height and lie back. Position the dumbbells to the sides of the upper chest with the elbows placed under the dumbbells.

Press the dumbbells up with elbows to the sides until arms are extended. Lower the weights to the sides of the upper chest.

2. Sit Ups

With sit ups, the torso is pulled upward from a lying position and pulled toward the knees using only the abdominal group. Bending the knees during this exercise makes the stomach muscles work even more and the exercise will be more effective.

It is important to do your sit ups slowly as the effect is better then. Sit-ups can put a lot of strain on the lower back, especially if you do the variety of sit ups with the legs stretched out in front of you on the floor during your exercise. Doing your sit ups this way arches the back and creates strain.

3. Dead Lift

In this exercise, you will use a heavy weight dumbbell as your weight training equipment. This difficult and extremely heavy exercise should not be attempted without proper training and advice from your trainer.

The weight is lifted off the floor to a point where you stand up with your legs straight. It is very important to keep the back straight so that there is not too much tension on the spine during the exercise. Concentrate on bending back slightly when you actually start lifting the weight.

The thighs should be parallel to the floor when doing this exercise and your knees should be positioned directly above the feet. Do not bend down when lifting the weight but lift it you’re your legs instead of from your back. If you bend down when lifting the weight you might end up hurting your back.

This exercise should not be attempted without wearing good shoes and a protective waist belt to support your back. Using the handover hand grip when taking hold of the weight will help steady your back and will keep your body firm on the ground when lifting.

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