Wow! Getting Six Pack Abs Electronically (EMS)

You don’t have to spare time for exercises amidst your busy schedule. Now getting the six pack abs is made possible electronically. Electronic Muscle Stimulators are designed for those who wish to stay slim renouncing the unwanted muscles. The flexibility that it provides is the most impressive of all. It allows you to carry on with your work while exercising as the electronic muscle stimulators are strapped onto your body. Isn’t intriguing? The article probes more into this amazing device. You may be the right person for it. Check it out.

This article covers

  • What is an electronic muscle stimulator?
  • How does an electronic muscle stimulator work?
  • Are they used for medical purposes?
  • Does EMS help in achieving six pack abs?
  • Are they subjected to regulation?
  • What should you consider before choosing EMS devices?

The best way to get free six pack abs is to exercise every day, but there is also an easy way to obtain the desired toned and muscled stomach. An electronic muscle stimulator will contract and expand muscles while you are busy doing other things. These devices are used by doctors to help people who sustained an injury to build up muscle strength again with minimal effort. There is, however, no real evidence that electronic muscle stimulators can sculpt the body or burn fat. Medical conditions that these stimulators are used for are:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Loss of motion in limbs and muscles due to injuries

How Do They Work?

The electronic muscle stimulator can be strapped on to the body and usually comes with electronic pads that are stuck to the body. These pads give off weak electronic shocks to the body and muscles lying under the skin, causing the muscle to contract.

Does EMS Help In Achieving Six Pack Abs?

An EMS can temporarily strengthen, tone or firm muscles, but EMS devices are not proven to cause weight loss, girth reduction, or a six pack” or “washboard” abs without exercise. Claims that electronic muscle stimulators will give users a slimmer waist or that the devices can help with fat loss have not been supported by tests.

The six pack abs exercise often combined with a six pack abs diet are still the surest way towards a healthy toned body and muscle will only build up with regular exercise, possibly supported by the use of an electronic muscle stimulator. Abdominal exercises like sit-ups and crunches may be less convenient and harder to do but will give more and better results eventually.

Are Electronic Muscle Stimulators Regulated By The FDA?

As electronic muscle stimulators are considered to be medical devices the FDA is responsible for regulating the sale and safety of electrical muscle stimulators in the United States. Before any electronic muscles stimulators can be sold at all, the manufacturer has to make sure that the product meets the FDAs requirements for these devices.

The FDA mostly tests electrical muscle stimulators that are used in physical therapy and rehabilitation applied by doctors and physiotherapists. If a manufacturer sells EMS appliances to consumers the company needs to prove that the device can be used safely by consumers and the producer of the device needs to state exactly what the product can be used for and by whom. Often EMS device manuals state that the device is safe for use by anyone, which is really not the case. If a manufacturer says on the package that the device is sure to help you in getting 6 pack abs in a certain amount of time, they have to be able to prove that their device can actually do that.

Manufacturers that market EMS devices must demonstrate that their devices are as safe and as effective as other similar devices that have been approved and marketed.

Is It Unsafe To Use EMS Devices That Have Not Been Regulated By The FDA?

It does not have to be unsafe to use a product that has not been certified by the FDA, but there can be risks. There has been injuries and interference with other important medical devices is possible, so it is better not to use this equipment in a room where medical devices such as heart rate regulators are in use. There could be safety problems with cables and leads attached to the appliances that could lead to shock and electrocution of users. Getting your quickest 6 pack abs should be free of risk and improve your health instead of endangering you.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing EMS Devices

First of all, you should make sure if you can actually use the device since electronic shocks are used with these devices. If you are wearing medical equipment to regulate your heartbeat you should not be using these devices. Other things to consider are:

1. What does the device promise to do and does it sound realistic? Are free six pack abs actually possible?

2. Do some research about the device that you wish to buy, look online and read other people’s opinions about a particular device.

3. Find out about guarantees and warranties that come with your device.

4. Ask if you can try the product in the shop.

5. Talk to your doctor and ask if he or she can recommend any device in particular.

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